Sunday, September 6, 2015

How Retail Works

Hey, all. For those of you who don't know, I've been working retail for the last 7 and a half, almost eight years. I finally can say that I no longer work retail, as of yesterday! WHAT?! So I felt the need to finally post this blog! It's been a long time coming, believe me!

That coupon has expired. No, I cannot take it.

Having a bad day? Why not stay home instead of spreading your nasty vibes around a store??

"No we don't have any more of that item." Then a customer asks you to look in the stock room anyway.

 I'm just a person who happens to work here. I do not control ANYTHING within the company.

Being rude is not a way to get what you want in life...or in a store.

I'm so sorry you feel the need to throw a tantrum for waiting in line for 5 minutes or less. So sorry.

Please clean up after yourself. Don't do this. Don't be an asshat:
Actual state of a fitting room I was working filter.
I'm not your personal shopper. Bring a friend with you to shop so I don't have to dress you.

"Oh honey, you've got your work cut out for you, don't you?" Hah, yeah THANKS for REMINDING ME. Have fun having all the weekends off, random customer!

Do NOT leave fecal matter in the fitting rooms. I repeat, DO NOT. (True story)

I'm not a baby sitter, watch your children.

"This item looks cheaply made." Really? Go home.

A simple please and thank you go a long way, FYI.

Hang up your cell if you're in line. It's rude to not acknowledge people.

"I was here last year and you had this item? I need one. Find it. I NEED it."

Again, use the RESTROOM not the FITTING ROOM for fecal matter.

"This item's damaged. What do you mean you'll only take off 10%? That's a low discount. I always spend a lot of money in here."

Nawh, I didn't just spend an hour organizing that clothing rack. Feel free to destroy it in 5 seconds.

If you absolutely need to eat or have a coffee while you shop, throw your trash in the bin. It's RIGHT THERE.

"Your store's a mess. You should really clean it."

I'm just an employee. I have no control whatsoever how the store is ran. No say in it at all. Stop complaining to me about things you don't like that I cannot change.

"Do you work here?" Hah, noooo I'm just running around 3 three fitting rooms and all the registers like a nut-zo for fun. Also, the name tag? Nawh, just for fun, too.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Customer then proceeds to hang their millions of clothing items on your rack. The limit of items is 5 but psssh. Who reads signs?

This blog post is about life as a retail worker. Take away from this what you will, but please be considerate to those working retail...the job isn't as easy as you think. We're all human beings here, all trying to navigate the shit storm of life so just do us all a favor and be kind. At the very least, if you can't be kind, just shut up.

For those of you still working retail, hang in there. It's a job and yes, it does suck at times. But focus on the good and make sure you NEVER allow yourself to feel demeaned by another person. You are worthy of working in a comfortable environment!

For those of you considering a career or just a job in retail....good luck. Good luck and I hope you have an abundance of patience.

Don't forget to breathe (especially when you work retail).