Thursday, June 4, 2015

Timeline Thursday.

Here's some things I did in this very (thankfully) uneventful day! Let the GIFS begin!

Woke up, played on my phone. Then, I watched some cute animal videos to get the day rolling.

Made some coffee.

Made my love bug and I some breakfast, checked how he was feeling (much better, if you're wondering!).

Filled out a job application, fought with the printer to print my resume.

Drove to drop off the application.

I did NOT get lost on the way to and from the agency!

Called my love bug. He wanted nuggs (chicken nuggs). Got some. Ate 'em.
This GIF, though.
Did some laundry, other chores too.

Took the best 2 hour nap evar.

Folded laundry, watched Judge Judy.

Wrote a Mindful Friday post for tomorrow (Proud of that one, I am. You'll see tomorrow!).

Ate dinner, and watched Jeopardy.

Did some yoga.

Read some more of Animal by Nikki Rae (Jeebus, what a book).

Caught up on Youtube subscriptions.

Went to bed.
Don't forget to breathe.

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