Thursday, April 16, 2015

Capstone paper...

This paper is the last paper of my Bachelor's degree and worth a large chunk of my grade. I have been working on it for months and just want to be DONE with it...Since I can't write anymore without crying, I've decided to describe how this capstone-paper-writing-process has made me feel with a series of gifs and short phrases. Let's begin.

Alright. Going to have some tea and start researching this thing. I got this!

Found my first peer-reviewed journal article, sweet! Only 7 more to go!

Why can I not find any more articles relating to my topic?

What the hell, seriously?

Alright, found a few more. 

Well, this isn't really a journal article, but it'll do. How many points can she really take off?

What's my topic again?

Finally, I have enough articles to meet the requirement!...And some other non-article resources. 

Now to read through all this research.

Alright, cool, this article is actually really good for my paper!

Wait. This one...this article has nothing to do with anything.

Neither does this article.

Or this one.

My life. I hate this. Why?!

I need to research more. I don't have enough research. Everyone's going to laugh at me when I present this.

*Researches until I'm not sure of my actual topic anymore*

This has to be enough. If not, oh well. I'm making sh*t up at this point.

How many days left of school?

I still need to read all this research! Still got this!

Now to start outlining.

Okay...intro, middle, end--I got this.

Wait...which theory fits with it? I need a policy too?

*Researches more...reads paper description: "This is not a research paper." Pfft.

Okay I now have 584,214,552,456 resources, exactly. 

Outlined, now to write it...Where do I start?

Everything's wrong. It's all wrong. Why did you pick this topic, dumb-dumb.

Okay introduction and some other bits are written. YES.

I never researched multicultural aspects. Eff. *researches yet again*

Why did I pick NOW of all times to give up coffee? *Goes back to drinking coffee*

Maybe I should change my topic? Don't do that!

Okay, I have about half of this written out. Time to edit what I have so far.

Everything's wrong! Re-do it all. *Doesn't re-do it all*

*Writes most of paper in very rough-draft form* 

Professor: "Oh here's some more homework. I know you all aren't too busy."
Eff. Everything. Eff. It. All.

I need to stay up all night to do this...even though it's not due until 6 weeks from now.

*Prints and edits entire paper*

Well, it doesn't completely suck. Did I do enough research, though?

*Spends entire day finishing paper*

Whatever it is, it's staying that way. *Proceeds to edit some more*

Did I do enough research, though? *Writes reference page*

Are my citations correct? Probably not. Oh well.

A.P.A formatting is so weird.

*Gives paper to English major boyfriend to look over*

Me: "It sucks, doesn't it?"

Boyfriend: "No."

Good enough for me. Not sucking equals a B+ at least.


Now to create a power point presentation and poster....Eff. Everything. AGAIN.

The end.

This is me every time I write a paper, only this time was more intense. This paper is worth whether or not I pass my senior seminar class so I really wanted to do well on it. It's due the 21st and that's also when I'm presenting it so I'm hoping it all works out! I know it will : )

I hope this made someone laugh or is something someone else can relate to.

Don't forget to breathe.



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