Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Timeline Tuesday....On a Wednesday.

I didn't think I would like posting them, but I find them easy and psh, let's face it, looking at random GIFS is just fun. Am I right? No? Is it just me? Ah, well.

My last "Timeline Tuesday" can be found here, if interested.

Now, without further interruption:
Here's a series of things I did today/events that happened with a ton of GIFS to go along!

Woke up at 8 AM (I was planning to sleep until 9:30).

Did some yoga.

Texted my love-bug.

Made breakfast and packed lunch for work.
(^Actual breakfast, as pictured^)

Ate said breakfast.

Washed my make-up brushes.

Drove to work  and jammed out to Josh Groban on the way (You can so jam to Josh).

Got frustrated at customers/cut my hand on a rack of clothes.

Got home from work and ate dinner.
(Sadly, dinner was not pizza)

Did some laundry.
(If only laundry were this cool. Am I right, though?)

Checked my email/paid some bills.
(Bye, bye money)

Made a banner for my blog...Screwed up my blog and had to re-do HTML things.

Watched Buffy with my love-bug.
(We watched this actual episode, Oooo 90's prom, Buffy.)

Caught up on my Youtube subscriptions.

Planned out some more blogs.


(I understand this GIF is a bath. Don't type 'shower GIF' into tumblr. Ever.)

Read a bit before bed.
This was so exciting lame. The end.

I'm GIF-ed out. I hope you enjoyed.
Don't forget to breathe.

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