Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Timeline Tuesday

So I'm going to try this new thing I came up with early this morning while I was still half asleep...when all the best ideas happen, of course. Timeline Tuesdays are basically a timeline of my day, what I did, what I wanted to but didn't accomplish, and so on. So, here ya go. Bring on the GIFS!

Woke up and played on my phone for an hour

Opened the window in my room to a gorgeous day

Took a bath with aroma therapy bubbles to help relax for my big presentation tonight

Ate cereal

(Wow my day is already the most boring thing ever)

Practiced my presentation a few times...on a beautiful day

Wrote out power-point slides for Program Distinction presentation next week

Ate lunch (I had a sandwich)

Painted my nails

Drove to class

Printed a buncha stuff out in the library

Went to class and got super nervous

Presented my final paper/power-point (I nailed it, by the way)

Stayed after class to talk about my Program Distinction poster

Walked a mile to my car

Drove home

Had my boyfriend give a final edit to my paper

Submitted my paper to Turnitin.com and revised some citations (14% plagiarism my a**)

Watched/caught up on Youtube subscriptions

Blogged : )

Well my day seemed...pretty boring but also really typical. Tuesdays are usually just homework and class days for me, although not for much longer! Aey oh! Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll do this every Tuesday or if I'll just do a timeline day whenever I have a more interesting day...

Don't forget to breathe.


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