Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've finished another book!

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

This book has everything any reader could ever want.  It's well written, VERY much so.  There's humor, there's things every reader of every age can relate to, there's romance, and sadness.  It's just one of those books that you can't put down once you start reading it. 

I love the way John Green writes.  He has a great way of connecting to the reader and just pulling them inside of the story, even if the story has nothing to do with the reader's life-there's still a strong connection.  I won't go too, too much into the plot because YOU WILL read this book and I don't want to get into spoiling it for you, but it's basically about this girl named Hazel (Hazel Grace) and a boy named Augustus (Gus).  They both have had or currently have cancer and are high school-ish aged, I know sounds way depressing but it really isn't.  Hazel, in the beginning of the book is content to stay in her room and read one book for the rest of her life, but her mom sort of forces her to get out and meet new people.  What better way to do that than at a cancer support group, right?

There, she meets Issac and Augustus, two best friends.  The three of them and their families go through ups and downs of having cancer and all, but the way it's written is just beautiful.  It's not this depressing, sad, pitying story about kids with cancer.  There's so much humor and other good things in this book that half the time, you forget the main characters even are sick.  These cancer ridden kids have their own inner circle of lingo and every thing, too which is just hilarious.  Things like 'cancer perks' and such. 

The book is nothing but amazing and funny and touching and yah...everything.  I'm gushing now. 

READ IT NOW. It's only sad towards the end of the book, maybe the last 5 chapters or so, and it NEEDS to be sad at that point in the book and with the plot and everything.  I feel like if it weren't sad towards the end, the book wouldn't be as great as it is.  Also, John Green, have I mentioned how amazing a writer he is?! Just go to the library and read it...or borrow mine which I've borrowed from my sister. We can 'pay it forward' with The Fault In Our Stars! :D

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