Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My to do list for today!

Usually I write to do lists on sticky notes or my wipe board, 'cause I'm OCD like that.  But, today I wanted to write it on my blog so it will remind me to come back and write a blog later today...again, I have OCD...probably.  Anyway, on to the list!

1.) Apply for two-three more jobs.

2.) Call back places that I have applied to for jobs and follow up.

3.) See about selling some of my text books on Amazon.com.

4.) Clean out my closet, majorly.

5.) Post some blogs.  I have a lot of ideas!

6.) Finish The Fault In Our Stars and start Will Grayson, Will Grayson (both by John Green :D ).

7.) Pray my mother doesn't come home so I can relax.  And when I say pray, I mean me going around and pacing saying, "Please don't come home. Please don't come home..." Yup.

8.) Find some kind of food to eat...probably the hardest of all the things I have to do today.

These really should be in some kind of order, but eh, they're really not.  And I probably won't even get to them all...soooooo it's really a to do list for the next two days lol. Hopefully I'll get something done and not just lay on the couch watching HBO movies all day...there's some good ones on right now lol. Okay.  Peace out.

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