Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holy healthy pancakes, Batman!

So, I've really been trying with this whole healthy lifestyle thing and although I wouldn't call myself a health-freak, I do feel as though I'm much healthier than I was a few months ago....which makes me happy!

Anyway, I've really been into Casey Ho on tumblr/youtube.
Here's her links:

This morning I made banana pancakes from a recipe I found on her tumblr and HOLY. GOOD. LORD. They're amazing. At first I was kind of weary to try them because it's only two ingredients and how the hell is something supposed to taste as amazing as she claims with only two ingredients, right? I was soooooo wrong.

All you need:
Two eggs
One large banana

You can find the video of how she makes them here, but basically: Mash everything in a bowl until frothy(I used a whisk), spray some non-stick cooking spray on a pan/griddle, wait until pan is hot (medium heat), and pour little sand-dollar looking things. They literally take no time at all to cook and just flip them when they're brown on one side.

Two keys, I found, is to make sure your pan is hot! I was hungry and poured the batter in the pan with it still heating up and it was quite the mess lol. The other key thing is to use a large banana as opposed to a small one. I used a pretty smallish one and I found some of my pancakes were more egg than anything else. Also, if you are super hungry, double the recipe!

Anyway, I hope some of you try this recipe and like it as much as I do. Of course they don't taste as good as the heavy ihop pancakes, BUT these give you so much more than those do!
They're all natural, no gluten or processed flour/sugar! Also, they give you a lot of energy so it's great to eat before you go and workout. Added bonus= They're flipping cheap as hell to make as well! A bunch of bananas is, what? 2 bucks at the most? Same  amount about for a carton of eggs!

These are the nutritional facts according to Casey Ho, the brilliant mind behind these things:

I seriously suggest you try these, even if you're on the fence about it. I know what you're probably thinking, "Those aren't banana pancakes, those are egg omelets with banana in them. Gross." I thought the exact same thing, but I was completely wrong! Do it!

Also, side my last blog I said I was going to do the 30 day blogilates challenge, starting September first. I lied. I started yesterday :P. Putting more thought into it, I'd say it's more of a 30 day fitness challenge. I say this because I would love to go outside and go for a run sometimes, too. I'm thinking of keeping an online log of my workouts to keep track on here so keep an eye out for that, too. Now I'm just thinking out loud. Anyway, thanks for reading! :D

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